Video is the new black. So why aren’t you using video?

Video – nothing says ‘authority’ quite like it. All the best marketers use it because video is front and center, ‘I got this’ messaging that’s hard to beat. But a lot of business owners are missing the boat thinking they have to be in the video or sharing a ‘how to’ for it to have promotional value. Guess what – that’s not true.

Video is powerful because it immediately captures attention. When there’s one at the top of a web page or blog, odds are you’ll click on it to see what it has to say. If it has animation, music or voice, you’re even more likely to stay on the page. And read the rest, just like you’re doing now. The same holds true for your customer.

Using video to get people interested in who you are and what you do right away not only saves you lots of time, it also makes you memorable. When your paths cross again (online, offline or in line), there’s a comfort level that’s already established. Sweet.

Think about the possibilities – if you could promote your business (or product or service or contest or webinar or whatever) just as effectively with animated video and skip the part about talking in front of a camera or doing it all yourself, well that could be a real game changer. Especially if that’s the reason you avoided video in the past.

Video has the power to attract people to you, so you can convert them into paying customers. And that’s the secret sauce about video – it’s pulling power is very strong – just like those commercials we see every day that get us to buy the latest this or that.

The fact that YouTube is second only to Google as the largest search engine in the world tells the story. People get video. People like video. People search for video. People respond to video.


Video promotion puts your best foot forward!

The Rave Review

Every business can use
a favorable review. This
video from 'any' customer
quickly establishes credibility

The Problem Solver

When you have what it
takes to fix a problem
better than your competition,
it deserves mention.

The Explainer

A video introduction
to a unique service helps
people better understand
exactly what you do.

The Training Solution

People crave information,
especially about complicated
subjects. Create buzz about
your upcoming online courses.

So why aren't you using video?

Because putting a video together by yourself is hard, time consuming and frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. You need equipment and software and writing skills and creative talent to get the job done well. For many, that’s a great idea that’s never going to work. The solution?

Let me create a high quality HD video for you!

That way:

  • It won’t matter anymore if you’re camera shy, have a face for radio or lack the technical skills to create your own video.
  • You won’t have to wait to use the premier business tool that drives more traffic and generates sales faster than just about anything else.
  • You can have a promotional product that’s versatile enough to work to perfection in multiple venues for maximum impact.

Consider all the things you can do with your custom video:

Embed it on your website or blog
Add it to your YouTube channel
Jazz up your Yelp business listing
Post it to Facebook
Pin it to Pinterest
Include in a tweet
Share it with your Google+ circles
Inform your LinkedIn connections
Woo your followers on Instagram
Use it on a sign up page
Flaunt your product or service on Craigslist
Insert it in your newsletter
Send it in email
Offer it as a download
Make it the star of your online ad
Feature it on your mobile site

PS – you can also submit your video to video distribution and social bookmarking sites to get even more people focused on what you offer!

Keep it Simple. Give your business the video advantage.
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