The FAQ about Pin Finder

What is Pin Finder?

Pin Finder is a consultation and pin finding service for business owners who are starting to use Pinterest as part of their social media strategy.

Why should I use Pin Finder?

Because we pay personal attention to your business needs, whether that means guiding you through the process of establishing a true presence on Pinterest, or just needing pins that resonate with your niche. Our goal is to help you attract more followers, and profit from your involvement on Pinterest.

Why the emphasis on niche pins?

Niche pins are an essential part of branding your business on Pinterest.

People visit boards to get the benefit of learning something new, interesting or helpful. While your own unique content is valuable, the spice of life on Pinterest is variety. Providing resources that help your followers understand a concept, try a new approach or get ahead gives them reason to stay tuned in, and creates lasting value.

Ultimately, if you’re using Pinterest as a part of your business social media strategy, then you need to be pinning quality content, aimed at your niche, on a regular basis.

How does Pin Finder work? What’s the process?

The process is fairly simple – although there are multiple steps involved:

  • You choose the Pin package you want, complete a short questionnaire (name, email, phone, website/blog URL, Pinterest URL etc) and pay for your order
  • We review your website/blog and Pinterest profile (if you have one) to learn more about you
  • We talk with you to discuss your order and the type of pins you need
  • We do online research to identify pins for the category topic(s) you identify
  • We format your pins so they have a caption, description, source and hashtags that make them easy to find in Pinterest searches and will be attributable to you when repined.
  • We create a word document with your pin information and send it to you by email.
What is an ‘original’ pin, and why is that important?

An ‘original’ pin is one that always carries the name of the person or business that originally pinned it. The value of this is that every repin (which will have the Pinterest reference ‘originally pinned by’) increases your exposure and extends the reach of your brand. All Pin Finder pins you receive will be in this category.

Why do you add hashtags to your pin descriptions?

People search Pinterest often, entering keywords to find the information they want. Since hashtags identify keywords, pins that include #hashtags in their descriptions have a distinct advantage over those that don’t. Using hastags increase the chances of your content being featured more prominently during Pinterest search.

How do you choose the pins?

The first step we take in choosing your pins is to research a wide variety of websites and blogs for relevant content. Then we review each one to make sure they are suitable, and likely to bring value to your niche. Finally, we select the best ones, based on the number you ordered in your pin package. Our ratio of researched pins to selected pins is about 3 to 1.

How do I get my pins?

Pins are delivered to you by email, as a Word document attachment. All you will need to do is copy and paste the information into the ‘create pin’ box on Pinterest. Pin Finder includes easy instructions for you, along with suggestions/tips on enhancing your boards.

Do you need access to my Pinterest account?

No. Because Pin Finder doesn’t manage or add pins to your Pinterest account, there’s no reason for us to have direct access to it.

How long does it take to get the pins after you order them?

Typical turn around time for full delivery of most pin orders is 7 – 10 business days from the date research begins.  Pin Finder delivery of larger pin orders may be spaced out over time.

I’m a social media manager, is there a different process for ordering pins?

Yes, because we need to understand your requirements before a commitment is made to working in tandem with your business. Please drop us a line so we can schedule a time to talk. Pin Finder is here to help.

I’m with an ad agency that handles corporate clients. Does Pin Finder provide a white label service?

Yes we do, and we welcome agency inquiries. Please contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs.

What’s your pin refund policy?

There are no refunds once Pin Finder begins researching pins on your behalf.

How do I make payment?

We use PayPal exclusively to process our orders. You can use your PayPal account or your major credit card. All payments to Pin Finder are due in advance.

What if I have questions before I buy?

Let us know so we can answer them for you!