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Give Your Audience What They Want

Audience is defined as a gathering of spectators or listeners; all those reached by printed matter or radio or TV; a regular public that manifests interest, support, enthusiasm, or the like; a following. As business owners, we’re all familiar with the word. And for those of us using social media to attract new customers, audience […]

How to Use Click to Tweet to Promote your Blog

  Click to Tweet is a Twitter marketing tool that lets people tweet the exact text you want them to share on Twitter. A number of bloggers, including myself, use it on a regular basis, and find it very handy. The problem is that not everyone uses it the right way, so they’re not getting […]

Boost Your Popularity on Pinterest

Pinterest is the place to be if you want to grow your blog following and expand your audience. As a business owner, this means there are three important bases to cover if you want to boost your popularity on the platform. First (of course) your blog posts have to hit the mark when it comes […]

Who Should you Follow on Pinterest? Check your Email

  Pinterest is no different from other social media platforms – you have to follow to be followed. The good news is you may not have to look much further than your inbox to get off to a good start.  It could be that you’re sitting on a mini goldmine of potential customers that are […]

The Small Business Pinterest Connection

  The Small Business Pinterest Connection is an opportunity for small business owners to connect with one another on Pinterest. Having a central location for us to meet gives us collective power and a chance to promote our products and services to a large and growing community. The point of the exercise is to like, […]