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How to Bookmark and Save Facebook Posts – 2 Easy Ways to Do It

Have you ever read a great Facebook post that you wanted to bookmark and save for later? There are actually two ways to do it, and both of them are easy. The method you choose depends on how and where you want to save the post – by using the built-in bookmark feature that comes […]

Give Your Audience What They Want

Audience is defined as a gathering of spectators or listeners; all those reached by printed matter or radio or TV; a regular public that manifests interest, support, enthusiasm, or the like; a following. As business owners, we’re all familiar with the word. And for those of us using social media to attract new customers, audience […]

The Ultimate Pinterest ‘How To’ Guide for Business Owners

How to I wonder …. Pinterest is a great platform for promoting your brand. But there’s a lot to learn, and many of the practical things you might wonder how to do are not immediately obvious. Worse yet, the information you want can’t always be found quickly or easily. I’ve searched everywhere for a comprehensive […]

30 Ways to Use QR Codes to Reach More Customers

QR codes are important to business because business customers are mobile customers. Just about everybody and their mother has a mobile phone or device with a QR code reader installed. That gives business owners the option of using the same technology to communicate with their growing mobile audience. Why Use QR Codes I could give […]

I’m not mobile yet. Sorry about that. But my competition is. Here’s their link.

Mobile is the way of the future, and business owners are starting to catch on. Smartphone sales have been going through the roof, and, as of a few weeks ago, they outnumbered sales of other types of mobile phones for the very 1st time (Computerworld) If you read my last blog post, you already know […]