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Quit Today to Thrive Tomorrow

                    I quit!  Just two little words, instantly recognized, and understood around the world as the high sign for ‘That’s it, I’ve had it. I’m done. No kidding’. ‘I quit’ is the exclamation point at the end of a long frustration that begs to be put […]

Daily Abundance: Remember How it Felt?

Ever notice how easy it is for kids to show their abundance? The toddler that crawls closer to you from across the room, then stops and flashes the biggest smile you ever did see. The Little Leaguer who slides onto home plate for the first time who jumps up and yells ‘YES!’ The excitement in […]

Daily Abundance: Cause There’s A Spark in You

                            Abundance isn’t always automatic, even if you fill your day with gratitude. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, a big yellow post-it that says STOP, from out of the blue. It can dampen your spirits, slow you down, and even […]

Daily Abundance: Thoughts on the Path to Plenty

                                Quiet as it’s kept, we’re all looking to attract or create abundance in our lives; that place where everything we want or need is plentiful, and there is no lack. Many things are on our abundance wish list – […]