Pinterest Consultations and Pins

Looking for a private consultation on using Pinterest for business? Need extra pins that are relevant to your brand to add to your Pinterest boards? You’ve definitely come to the right place – Pin Finder has you covered.

The Pinterest Consultation $97
 Get your Pinterest Consultation today If you’re very new to Pinterest or you want to promote your business there but haven’t started yet, your best option might just be a private consultation.

You’ll learn how to build your brand, create a following, lead visitors back to your website/blog, and integrate Pinterest into the rest of your social media strategy. Find out what you most need to know in this 1 hour session. Order it now.

The Pin Pack Starter $297
The Pin Pack Starter The Pin Pack Starter works best for business owners that already have a Pinterest presence, but who have a limited number of pins and need more to bring professional value to their niche.

The Starter includes the Pinterest consultation mentioned above, 10 original niche pins targeting your business audience, and tips on how to enhance your existing boards. Order yours now.

Pin Packs a la Carte * pricing based on pin package selected
Pin Packs a la Carte Pin Packs come in handy when you need more pins to boost your professional following on Pinterest. To do that you have to pin regularly, and include pins that engage your business niche.

Available in easy packs of 5, dedicated to specific boards, Pin Packs solve the problem of not enough time or not enough content to pin. Pins are delivered by email as a Word document.

Number of Pins Price
5 $  75  Get it Now
10 $ 150 (2 board maximum)  Get it Now
15 $ 214 (5% discount, 3 board maximum)  Get it Now
20 $ 270 (10% discount, 4 board maximum)  Get it Now
The Complete Pinterest Setup $1500
 The Complete Pinterest Setup The Complete Setup is a personalized, comprehensive service for business owners who aren’t yet on Pinterest, and are looking to establish a brand presence.

We collaborate with you from the very start of your involvement, so that you’re completely familiar with how to use Pinterest and the steps needed to grow your business audience.

You will also learn how to pin, where to find pins, and the art of categorizing, bookmarking, and stockpiling pins for future use.This package includes multiple Pinterest consultations, assistance setting up your account, the creation of 5 initial category boards, 25 niche pins (5 per board), helpful assignments and extended email support (up to 15 days after full receipt of pins). Order yours today.

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