Need a small business coach? Let’s Talk

If you’re thinking about hiring a small business coach, then I’d like to talk with you.

Business coaching is designed to put your success on fast forward.  And that’s what you want right? To know exactly where you should be headed and how to get there.

Yes, you could try going it alone, stumbling your way through the maze of the latest this and that. Reading endless how-to articles and posts about what tools to use and which strategies to implement.

Yup. Sure thing. I did all that too. But you know what I learned? It’s the long way around. Adding one thing here and another thing there didn’t have much of an impact. The extra time and effort I put in didn’t really result in increased profits, which is what I wanted and needed.

It was confusing. And disappointing. Until I finally had the good sense to talk with a small business coach who had already ‘been there and done that’.  Someone who could help me see the bigger picture, and show me how to develop a road map for my own success. In the end, all I could do was ask myself why in the world hadn’t I done this a long time ago? I would have been so much further ahead!

So I completely understand that choosing the right small business coach is a very important decision.  I’m here to help, and that’s why I offer a FREE 20 minute phone consultation.

It gives us both a chance to see if we can work well together and for you to get a sense of my coaching style before making a commitment.

If you are looking to partner with an Internet savvy small business coach and focus on developing strategies for combined online and off-line success, please take me up on my offer.

There is no cost to you other than the call.

Just complete a brief questionnaire so I can learn something about you before we talk.

Once I’ve reviewed it, you’ll get an email with your appointment information, which I’ll ask you to confirm. It’s that simple.

By the way, if you have basic questions about coaching with me, you can always check my FAQ page.

This is easy.  And your business success is so worth it.


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