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My Church Needs a Mobile App. Yours Does Too.

The last sermon I heard my Minister give was crazy powerful. Looking around, you could see heads nodding, smiles forming, and that collective ‘so true!’ moment spreading through the room. Everybody felt it, and it was good. As we were leaving, it was obvious the sermon had created some ‘buzz’. Our Minister hit the nail […]

30 Ways to Use QR Codes to Reach More Customers

QR codes are important to business because business customers are mobile customers. Just about everybody and their mother has a mobile phone or device with a QR code reader installed. That gives business owners the option of using the same technology to communicate with their growing mobile audience. Why Use QR Codes I could give […]

I’m not mobile yet. Sorry about that. But my competition is. Here’s their link.

Mobile is the way of the future, and business owners are starting to catch on. Smartphone sales have been going through the roof, and, as of a few weeks ago, they outnumbered sales of other types of mobile phones for the very 1st time (Computerworld) If you read my last blog post, you already know […]

Small Screen, Big Benefits: 8 Great Reasons to Have a Mobile Marketing Website

    If the thought of having a mobile marketing website to promote your business has crossed your mind lately, there’s a good reason. Actually, quite a few of them. First, in case you hadn’t noticed, mobile devices are everywhere. We see them in the hands of people on the streets, in cars and buses […]