Daily Abundance: Thoughts on the Path to Plenty

Thoughts on the Path to Plenty #dailyabundance

















Quiet as it’s kept, we’re all looking to attract or create abundance in our lives; that place where everything we want or need is plentiful, and there is no lack.

Many things are on our abundance wish list – happiness, love, health, wisdom, money, friendship, fun, laughter and success, just to name a few. Of course there’s more on the list, plenty more, if we let our imaginations run free.

The quest for abundance is about following a path. It is choosing to live in, and appreciate the fullness of your life. Replacing ‘if’ with ‘when’, expecting the rainbow, and knowing what could be already IS, but for the limiting beliefs you hold deep in your heart that no longer serve you.

And that’s the rub – all those ‘Yeah, but’ thoughts that interfere with getting to abundance. We think about having it all, and we can even see the end result in our heads. But its like we’re in a daydream, and often the feeling doesn’t last. The reason why is because we question, if not doubt, whether we really deserve to have abundance in our lives.

Abundance is all about Giving

And do we? I guess that depends – on our mindset and our behavior. Do we ‘do unto others’, look for the good, live in harmony, help because we can, respect the Planet, or pay it forward? Do we nurture, show compassion or live with an attitude of gratitude?

The questions fit because to receive abundance, you have to give; not to yourself, but of yourself. To receive abundance you have to accept you were born to be great, and you are here to contribute your best. And you have to know that your best is enough, even if you can improve on it.

Abundance is a feeling in the moment that says ‘I am full. I have plenty. And there is more’. To attract abundance, picture that feeling. Create that vision clearly in your mind, and know it is yours to claim. See it today, now, this minute, in the present tense; not off in the distant future.

Then go walk the path of that person who is happy and blessed and thankful. It doesn’t matter whether you take baby steps, first for a minute, then an hour, then a day. What matters is that you carry the feeling with you everywhere, and spread your joy. Abundance will find you when you trust it is there.

#dailyabundance is a series of thoughts on the path to Plenty. This entry is the very first. If you’re trying to attract more, and a daily dose of inspiration will help, follow #dailyabundance here and on Pinterest.

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What are your thoughts on finding abundance? How do you create it in your life? I welcome your comments.

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12 Responses to “Daily Abundance: Thoughts on the Path to Plenty”

  1. Anita says:

    I write a gratitude list each morning. I don’t have to create abundance, I believe I already have it.
    Anita recently posted..Self Motivation and Fulfilling Your AspirationsMy Profile

    • Dawn Lanier says:

      As with all things in Abundance, it is as you believe, so you are blessed. Great idea to write a gratitude list each morning too. Sounds like the perfect start to a perfect day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. denny hagel says:

    This is awesome Dawn! I was raised that inner peace is our top goal in life and the quickest route to inner peace is a feeling of abundance…when what we have at any given moment is appreciated to the fullest!
    denny hagel recently posted..The Difference between Raising Empowered Children and Self-Centered ChildrenMy Profile

    • Dawn Lanier says:

      Excellent Denny. Learning to appreciate the abundance of life from an early age makes you very fortunate. No wonder you’re such an exceptional parenting coach 🙂

  3. Dawn love the line, “The quest for abundance is about following a path.” So often we stray instead of staying on the path and then wonder why we feel depleted.
    Pamela Gail Johnson recently posted..Ask Pamela Gail: Happiness Despite GriefMy Profile

  4. This did mean so much to hear! I do appreciate everything more! I think that’s why good things have come my way! I can’t wait to read the rest Dawn!
    elizabeth maness recently posted..How Content Marketing and SEO Work Together to Rock Your BusinessMy Profile

    • Dawn Lanier says:

      That’s great Liz – thanks. I’m happy good things are coming your way. It’s a wonderful reminder of what a positive mindset can do. Attitude is everything isn’t it 🙂

  5. I LOVE this statement…”Abundance will find you when you trust it is there.” I’m taking a work break and digesting this statement! 🙂

    • Dawn Lanier says:

      Trusting in your abundance makes a world of difference Carl. I think the more we ‘digest’ the thought, the more abundance we receive. Thanks so much for your feedback!

  6. Lori says:

    I love your comment that abundance is all about giving. So true! Thanks Dawn!

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