Daily Abundance: Remember How it Felt?

Remember how it Felt #dailyabundance

Photo Credit: Waves of Gratitude

Ever notice how easy it is for kids to show their abundance? The toddler that crawls closer to you from across the room, then stops and flashes the biggest smile you ever did see. The Little Leaguer who slides onto home plate for the first time who jumps up and yells ‘YES!’ The excitement in the eyes of the little girl who sees the bike she’s wanted forever sitting outside her door.

You’ve seen it before โ€“ that wonderful mix of surprise, glee and gratitude that’s all rolled into one small face. If you’re watching, you can almost taste their joy, and your soul is uplifted by the abundance you’ve just witnessed. And in that moment, everything is just perfect, and you couldn’t ask for anything more.

Abundance can Also Be Found in What You Remember

When I saw this graphic today, it took me back to the times I had SO much fun swinging, and all was definitely right in my world. I loved swinging, mostly because I could do it by myself, even if none of my friends were outside. I’d start out slow, and then rock myself back and forth, going higher, then higher, and higher still.

I felt completely free, like anything was possible. There were no limits, no troubles, nothing blocking my way. I could even be Super Woman if I wanted to! And of course I did, if only for a little while. I could barely hear the everyday sounds of people talking, cars passing by or sneakers fighting it out with the asphalt while the older boys played basketball not far away.

Yup, I was living in abundance alright โ€“ happy, receptive and fully satisfied. That is until the next day, when I could recreate the feeling all over again :).

Remember how it felt to swing as high as you could. How from there, you thought maybe you could reach the sky. That part of you still exists within you.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s me โ€“ your abundance. Just like old times.

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What do you remember that brings back your feeling of abundance? Share your thoughts below.

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34 Responses to “Daily Abundance: Remember How it Felt?”

  1. Thank you so much for the post Dawn! It is amazing to feel that everything is possible, and of course this empower us. Let’s swing as high as we can!
    Meire Weishaupt recently posted..My Ideal Work Monthly Having Scheduled My Blog PostsMy Profile

  2. Lovely post, Dawn. Today instead of complaining about the snow storm, I headed out to the woods for a 3 mile walk and then made a snow angel…just like when I was a kid! Took pics and posted on fb. I felt good to appreciate the little things in life. Have a fabulous day! I love your post!
    Alexandra McAllister recently posted..Have You Purchased Anything On Impulse Lately?My Profile

    • Dawn Lanier says:

      Thanks Alexandra! Ahh … a snow Angel – haven’t made one of those since I lived in New York where there was snow. What fun – good for you! And yes, it is great to appreciate the small things. Glad you liked the post. You have a fabulous day too ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Robin says:

    Great inspiration. I love remembering abundant times. Thanks for sharing.
    Robin recently posted..The New Facebook News Feed and Why Visuals Are Going to be Even HotterMy Profile

  4. I love this post:) Too may times we forget the simplicity of being a child. Thank you for reminding me today to stop and smell the roses:)
    Daniele Holmberg recently posted..Slaterโ€™s 50/50 Sexy Seductive Burger Mania โ€“ Burgers By Design!My Profile

    • Dawn Lanier says:

      Many thanks Daniele! It’s my pleasure to be the reminder for stopping to smell the roses. You’re so right – we do tend to forget the simplicity of being a child. But not today!

  5. Gary Hyman says:

    Great post Dawn. Yes, I remember those days when I felt super human – jumping off trees, climbing roofs – the works. Everything was abundant. My feelings of abundance now is really age calibrated, and seems to come from the feeling of gratitude. I try to have gratitude for everything – & I mean everything – from the air I breath to the roof over my head. That way I feel I have everything I need.
    Gary Hyman recently posted..10 Easy Steps To Automate Your Google Plus To Twitter PostingsMy Profile

    • Dawn Lanier says:

      I just love that Gary – having gratitude for all things, even the basics we take for granted like the air we breathe and the roof over our heads really does make you feel like you have everything we need. That’s a great attitude, even if it is ‘age calibrated’ ๐Ÿ™‚ PS – I can just see you jumping off trees and climbing roofs too …

  6. Dawn, what a powerful post to remind us that abundance is all around, you simply need to acknowledge it is there. Thanks for sharing!
    Meryl Hershey Beck recently posted..Instant Energy GeneratorMy Profile

  7. denny hagel says:

    Excellent way to renew our enthusiasm for life…see it through the eyes of a child OR be that child again!! Love this Dawn!

  8. Love your article. It brings peace and possibilities, thank you!
    Carele Belanger recently posted..Interview with Denny HagelMy Profile

  9. Frances says:

    Ah Dawn! I loved to be on the swing as a kid too. What a great analogy regarding abundance. It’s amazing how much of what we think can deprive us from having and/or feeling true abundance. I love reading your posts again! Thank you!
    Frances recently posted..How to Honor Yourself as a Mom [VIDEO]My Profile

  10. Great post and graphic! I too, enjoyed the outdoors and swinging. It was literally my escape when I was younger and my chance to dream of what I would become when I grew up. If more and more people would allow that time for their abundance to shine through, we would all be much happier…thanks for sharing and bringing back lovely memories ๐Ÿ™‚
    Dr. Daisy Sutherland recently posted..The Ugly Green Monster Lives!My Profile

    • Dawn Lanier says:

      Why thanks Dr. Daisy! I so agree with you – ‘if more and more people would allow that time for their abundance to shine through, we would all be much happierโ€ฆ’ Amen to that!

  11. Your articles are so inspiring, thanks Dawn. You will not believe it maybe but even now, I sometimes swing as high as I can. I love it! You are perfectly right it makes you think everything is possible ๐Ÿ™‚
    Delia @ Blog Formatting recently posted..How to optimize images on your blogMy Profile

  12. Just at the right time you post this article…taking me back to the days of my youth. Ah, the summer breeze blowing through my hair, closing my eyes pretending I’m flying…I think I’ll go outside and swing today. Thanks Dawn, love this post and the memories it dredged up.

  13. Pat Moon says:

    Thank you for taking me back to my childhood today swinging as high as possible every opportunity I had. My memory takes me back to when I used to ride my bike on the country roads close to where I lived. We didn’t have close neighbors so it was just me and my bike, thinking and day dreaming going as fast as my comfort level and legs could carry me. On the occasions that I crashed, even though it might have hurt, I had to pick myself up and get back on the bike to go back home so my mother could clean my skinned knee and put that red stuff on it for healing. Life is like that, we sail along with everything going just great and then we may get knocked down but we must pick ourselves up and proceed again. Great memories.

    • Dawn Lanier says:

      Oh Pat – loved your story! I could almost see you racing down that country road. Thanks so much for sharing – it made me smile. Appreciate your comment, and your memories.

  14. Katrina says:

    Abundance is all around us and gratitude is a way to live. Thank you for this great post about remembering what it is like to be free of stress as a kid. I do remember swinging really high and being so free. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Katrina recently posted..No Room For You In Social Media?My Profile

  15. Edmund S Lee says:

    Empowering post Dawn. I agree that everything is possible especially when coupled with enthusiasm and a positive mindset. =)

  16. Lorii Abela says:

    Thanks Dawn, for reminding that we still have the inner child within. Every once in a while, it’s fun to bring back the memories.

  17. Nuha says:


    This article makes me a lot of sense. I always learn something new from your article. Thank you.
    Nuha recently posted..5 SEO Tips You Need to Know in 2014My Profile

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