Success Coaching & Keep it Simple Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Success, or should I say extreme success, is always the end goal when you have your own business. You want it to be, well, extraordinary. As in a cut above the rest, uncommonly distinctive, and appreciated for the value you bring.

You also want to be profitable, which means doing things that enhance your visibility, help to grow your audience, spread goodwill, and put money in your pocket. Sooner rather than later.

The ‘gurus’ would have you believe ‘all you need to do is …‘, but the real truth is that success is a combination of deliberate actions, applied with thought, based on a plan that accelerates your progress and keeps your eye on the prize.

I know you’ve put a lot of sweat equity into getting where you are today. You’re proud of your business success and you should be. The only question is what will you do now to make it as successful as it could be?

Webinars, group coaching and being active on social media can only take you so far. To position yourself for real success, you need a mentor. Someone who can give you individual attention, steer you away from costly pitfalls, and guide you in the right direction. Someone who can brainstorm with you, map out a plan of action, and show you an easier, faster, smarter way to get things done.

Most of us know how to do whatever it is we do pretty well. But we’re not as savvy when it comes creating a strategy for success. And that’s the thing that brings so many of us down – without a clear path to follow, we get lost, not knowing what to do next. Success coaching can help you avoid that problem.

So if you find yourself running in place, getting nowhere fast, stuck in the rut of social media and not making progress the way you want, STOP. There is a better way, if you just take that first step towards finding a knowledgeable coach who can shorten your learning curve and get you back on track.

My name is Dawn Lanier. I help you create do-able marketing strategies that leverage social, mobile and video technology so you can move forward quickly. I keep it simple. I make it fun. I am committed to your success, and I look forward to working with you.

I’m glad you stopped by today. Please accept my invitation to spend some time exploring or even better yet, say hello, and let’s start a conversation! It’s all good 🙂



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